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The Executive Speaker [newsletter] Dec. 04 
cites Pew Memorial Lecture

The Executive Speaker (R), December 2004
Robert O. Skovgard, Editor &Publisher
Dayton, Ohio
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Other speeches in December 2004 edition delivered by Edward M. Liddy, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The AllState Corporation; James C. May, president and chief executive officer of The Air Transport Association; Edwin J. Fuelner, president of the Heritage Foundation.

Copyright 2004 The Executive Speaker Co.
The Executive Speaker(R)
December 2004

SECTION: Quotable; Vol. 25, No. 12, Pg. 9
LENGTH: 240 words
HEADLINE: Law & Justice in Everyday Life
"Covering cops and courts for 30 years has given me a point of view on the issue of law and justice in everyday life. Two people express a short version of this view better than me. One is a Greek philosopher, Anarcharsis. The other is a bitter comedian, Lenny Bruce.

"Laws are like spider webs,' Anarcharsis said a few thousand years ago. They hold the weak and delicate who are caught in their meshes, but are torn to pieces by the rich and powerful.'

"Sounds right to me.

"Lenny was more direct. Maybe his life was more direct.

"For those of you who don't know, Lenny Bruce was arrested at least seven times for word crimes, also known as obscenity. His act was a bit more raunchy than what we see on comedy central today, but not by that much. His saga is chronicled in the book, The Trials of Lenny Bruce. I recommend this book to anyone with a slight interest in the first amendment. "In any case, here's how Lenny sized up the court system.

" In the halls of justice,' Lenny said, the only justice is in the halls.' "Today, in my home state of Connecticut, and perhaps here in Pennsylvania as well, I think Lenny and Anarcharsis offer a vantage point that will enlighten us. Maybe it will even generate some action."

SOURCE: 6880. "Law & Justice in Everyday Life," Andy Thibault, author (Law & Justice in Everyday Life), columnist, Law Tribune Newspapers, adjunct professor of journalism, University of Hartford, managing partner, Murzin-Thibault Investigative Group, consulting editor, Connecticut Review,, Audience: Pew Memorial Lecture, Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, October 18, 2004 (12 pages). Keywords: ANARCHASIS; BERRIGAN, PHIL; BRUCE, LENNY; BUCHANAN, EDNA; BUREAUCRACY; CORRUPTION; FREE SPEECH; GOVERNMENT; HUGHES, LANGSTON; JUDGES; JUDICIAL SYSTEM; JUSTICE; LAW, LAWYERS; LIBERTY; MISCONDUCT (BY LAWYERS); NEWS MEDIA, JOURNALISTS; PEW MEMORIAL LECTURE; SOCIAL ISSUES; UNIVERSITY PRESENTATIONS

LOAD-DATE: December 08, 2004

[The full text of the speech from which this quotation was taken can be ordered by calling 937-294-8493 or faxing 937-294-6044 and referring to the following number: 6880.]

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