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CT SPJ 2006 Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting
404 Washington Ave., North Haven
Thursday, May 25, 2006, 5:30 p.m.

Each year the Connecticut chapter of SPJ recognizes the best work of Connecticut journalists. See this year's list of finalists at www.ctspj.org

Winners will be announced at the dinner.

Finalists include:

[CT Law Tribune] First Amendment Award --
Various Cool Justice columns on First Amendment.

[CT Law Tribune] Op-ed Columns --

* Fair play and anarchism at Yale

* Satanic verses and FBI fairy tales

* The silencing of Doris Ford

[CT Law Tribune] Opinion Columns --

* Bonnie Foreshaw must go free

* Olympic gold for missing evidence

* Shooting to kill a car

[CT Law Tribune] General Columns --

* Contract killing OK with cops

* Probable cause, ice cream and the truth

* The joy of chemotherapy

[CT Law Tribune] Headlines --
various headlines

all columns are posted @ www.andythibault.com, under the link 'columns & stories'.

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