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Garnett Slams Column, Foreshaw
New London Day
December 14, 2005

In his column titled, "A call for justice for Bonnie Foreshaw," published Dec. 11, Andy Thibault contends that freeing the murderer of a pregnant woman would heal an injustice. I need to address a grave injustice in his reasoning.

In one agenda-driven, reckless and irresponsible statement, Mr. Thibault debases the entire York Correctional Institution and its staff. While he purports to be a journalist, Mr. Thibault has undertaken no efforts that I am aware of to acquaint himself with the more than 500 professional staff who serve the citizens of our state at York Correctional Institution, nor has he visited the facility in a number of years or sought to research the high standards the staff is held to.

Frankly, Mr. Thibault's repeated and baseless slams of the Department of Correction have come to be expected. What is of concern however, is that a respected newspaper such as The Day would print such an unwarranted attack on the good men and women of our agency, many of whom are also the paper's loyal readers.

Brian A. Garnett

Editor note: The writer is director of external affairs for the Department of Correction.

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