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Cool Justice
Ex-Con In Woody-Mia Case Resurfaces

Law Tribune Newspapers
September 19, 2005

   Carl T. Guichard, subject of nationwide alerts during the Woody Allen - Mia Farrow custody battle a decade ago, has reasserted his claim to be the natural father of one of Farrow's adopted children.

   In a rambling 138-page manuscript sent to The Law Tribune last month, Guichard warned: "This book is my last resort for a peaceful solution." He left a Louisiana phone number in a note attached to the manuscript, but that number was out of service following Hurricane Katrina.

   Even the title of Guichard's book goes on for a while: "Child Custody For Men Only, Part Two, Illicit Adoption of the Author's Child to Mia Farrow and Woody Allen " Guichard recounts his relationship with a "vindictive" common law wife in Texas, Lorraine Karkoski Guichard, then tells how he turned her in to authorities for bank fraud. Karkoski Guichard, according to the text, apparently returned the favor but putting up one of their daughters for adoption.

   The daughter in question - Karen Lynn Guichard, aka Dylan Farrow and Eliza Farrow and now at age 20 known as Malone Farrow - shares in the dedication of the book as one of Guichard's seven children. Spokesmen for Farrow and Allen, as well as law enforcement officials, have consistently said Guichard's claim to be Malone Farrow's father is false.

   It is difficult to assess Guichard's credibility. His story line of birth and adoption seems consistent over the years. However, he makes an occasional departure into the bizarre. For example, Guichard alludes to reports that one of Farrow's ex-husbands - Frank Sinatra - had offered to have Allen's legs broken because of child abuse claims against Allen.

   Connecticut authorities said there was probable cause to arrest Allen, but prosecution was declined to spare the victim -- then known as Dylan Farrow -- the rigors of a trial.

   "Of course," Guichard writes, "my personal Mafia friend Roy Walker had been in touch with Frank prior to Frank's death. And, as a result, Mr. Woody Allen moved to France."

   Hearing this passage read aloud, a law enforcement official remarked, "They do love Woody there."

   In the late 1990's Guichard was wanted as fugitive from justice in Texas. His prior convictions included larceny and theft. He had been scheduled for parole in 1998, but disappeared after cutting off an electronic monitoring device.

   Farrow, who has a house in Bridgewater, was warned by authorities when Guichard allegedly threatened to "recapture" Dylan Farrow during the sex abuse investigation. Before writing to The Law Tribune, he was last heard from in Las Vegas in October 2001. He had been arrested there on a larceny charge.

   "Certainly I'm surprised and concerned that time has not dulled this guy's preoccupation with the family," said retired Litchfield County State's Attorney Frank Maco, who investigated the allegations against Allen. "He used to say things like 'deadline for bloodshed' and 'subject to recapture.' Obviously, we still have to be vigilant."

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