Do You Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a common dental product that a dentist uses to restore a tooth that is misshapen, improperly functioning, or to change its size or shape. Many people use crowns because they’re affordable and easy to install into the mouth, providing exceptional long-lasting benefits. The crown improves the strength and the appearance of the teeth. People need to use dental crowns covina for a variety of oral health concerns, including:

·    Large cavities that a filling won’t take care of

·    Dental implant covering

·    Protect the teeth after a root canal

·    Missing teeth

·    Worn, crack, or weakened teeth

·    Restore teeth that are bald misshapen

If any of the oral concerns above affect your life, perhaps crowns can help you smile once again. Many people use crowns. They’re a great option for people of all ages. Simply wanting to improve your smile is a great reason to talk to your dentist.

Crowns come in numerous materials. Ceramic, metal alloy, and porcelain are the most common of these materials. Each material has its own pros and cons to consider before making your choice. When you schedule a consultation with the dentist he’ll help you learn the benefits and disadvantages of each crown material so you can better decide which option is best-suited for your needs.

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Once your crown is in place, the dentist will give you a few care instructions to follow. It is important that you follow the instructions so there isn’t any damage caused to your crown or to the natural teeth. Proper care also ensures that you enjoy maximum lifetime with the crowns. Continue brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day when using crowns. However, make sure you avoid chewing ice or hard foods and keep objects like pencils out of your mouth.